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Metal Canister

Metal Canister

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Handmade canisters, simple in shape and design.

From their atelier in Taito-ku, Tokyo, craftsmen shape metal using traditional hammering and cutting methods, and the carefully polish each canister. Through use and over the course of time, each piece will gradually change in color, taking on a beautiful patina as the metal oxidizes. These canisters are made of solid brass, tin and copper. While traditionally used as a tea caddy, they can also store coffee beans, spices or snacks.

-Made in Japan
-Available in 3 metals - brass, copper and tin
-Diameter 75mm (~3 inches); H 80mm (~3.2 inches)
-Wipe clean after use with soft, damp cloth
-Do not store in the refrigerator

These canisters are handmade by craftsman one by one, so there may be some small scratches as evidence of their work.

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