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Trips and Trinkets

Mahogany Wood Bowls

Mahogany Wood Bowls

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These bowls have rich, yet warm tones. Like the Coconut Wood Bowls in this collection, these are carved from Indonesian Mahogany, by wood working artisans in the Gianyar regency in Ubud district of Bali. This area is known for artisans specializing in handcrafted goods. Dating back to the feudal kingdoms in Bali, woodcarving is an ancient art form used for decorating the many temples throughout Bali and in the homes of the Balinese.

- Mahogany
- Color, wood patterns and sizes may vary as each item is hand crafted.
- 1 bowl per set measuring at 14cm, 12cm, 10cm, 8cm, 5cm (approx.)
- Not dishwasher safe, so just use damp cloth for everyday cleaning.
- To help maintain the natural texture, every 3 to 6 months, apply your choice of cooking oil after a thorough wash and dry.
- Made in the Bali, Indonesia

These bowls have a beautiful, natural appearance. Use these bowls to serve snacks or hold trinkets. I also use these to hold my jewelry or foreign coins as reminder of my most recent travels.

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