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Bamboo Glass Vase

Bamboo Glass Vase

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This beautiful bamboo flower basket and vase is hand-woven by skilled bamboo craftsmen based in Kyoto, Japan.

The bamboo is the star. Artisans based harvest the bamboo by hand in the winter using a special blade to cut the stalks. Then the bamboo is dyed or lacquered before pieces are intricately woven by hand in tightly woven patterns, harnessing their beauty and strength. For your most lovely little flower arrangements or perfect on its own.

- Glass and Bamboo
- Small - height ~10 cm (4") diameter ~29 cm (11.5")
- Large - height ~12.5 cm (5") diameter ~36cm (14.5")
- Wipe clean after use with damp, soft cloth
- Made in Kyoto, Japan

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