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Brass Clip

Brass Clip

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This may look like a paperclip, but the designer has taken something ordinary and made it extraordinary. This oversized brass Clip is handcrafted by Ruka Kikuchi, known as Lue. Each clip is handmade by Lue in his workshop in Setouchi City. In creating these clips, everything from the design to the actual production is done by Lue himself. Each clip has a smoothed finish and has the signature 'Lue' stamp.

- Brass
- Smooth finish
- 3.5" L x 1.5" W
- Made in the Setochi-shi, Okayama, Japan

Over time, the metal will begin to oxidize, especially if you use it regularly. It will get darker and patina, as the metal is responding to the natural oil on your hands. Lue believes brass makes everyday items not only useful also but fun to use. We could not agree more.
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